Portland College National Citizen Service (NCS)

Friday, 14th September 2018

Portland College National Citizen Service (NCS)

Four Phases of NCS

Here at Portland College we run a National Citizen Service (NCS), free 5-day activity programme designed for young people with disabilities between the ages of 16-17 (up to 24 if the young person is disabled). The following paragraphs go through the details of what happens on our programme.

Phase one: This is the beginning of the five-day programme. This phase is all about adventure and challenge. Activities include climbing, kayaking, and bushcraft. These activities will start to build confidence, communication and teamwork skills.

Phase two: A challenging phase focused on independence and responsibility. Using teamwork and communication skills, the team members will work together to complete different workshops that will give the young people an opportunity to practice their independent skills and will give them more responsibility of their choices whilst on the programme. During the workshops NCS will cover healthy eating, cooking safety, CV writing and job interviews.

Phase three: Our NCS team will get involved with a social action project. The last two days are spent working together to plan and deliver a project to help the local community in some way. This could be raising money for a local charity or, raising awareness for a chosen cause. This phase puts all acquired new skills to the test. Where possible we give the young people the responsibility of organising the project using their communication, teamwork and confidence skills.

Phase four: Approximately two weeks after the programme is complete, the NCS team will be invited back to the college alongside their friends and family to celebrate their achievements on NCS. Everyone receives a certificate signed by the prime minister - this achievement stands out on a CV as a nationally recognised certification.

After completing all four phases, the young people will be NCS graduates, which can open many doors in the future. Each graduate will get access to the Graduate Hub where jobs for young people, social action projects and exciting opportunities are available to them.

Our NCS programme is developed specifically for young people with disabilities. Programmes run from the 15th-19 October and 22nd-26th October.

To apply or to find out more information please contact Rebecca: 01623 499111, or email: rebeccadebryshire@portland.ac.uk.