It Gets Better for Learner David

Back in April, first year learner David was looking for ‘something local to him that he could get involved with’, went to have a look at a Power Lifting session that took place at college during enrichment week just before the Easter break. Just 8 weeks later, David competed in the British Powerlifting Championship and qualified for the European Championships!

We are extremely proud to report that last month, David took part in the European and Commonwealth Championships and again was successful, managing to win the event and qualify for the World Championships that will take place in October! What an amazing achievement David, we are all very proud of you here at Portland College.

In his own words David had the following to say –

Learner David showing off his European championship medal and certificate.

“Not sure where to start with this but all of the experience had lifting on the Friday for the Euros was amazing and the lifters made it great. When I lifted the first time I was nervous but I got 127.5kg, then 135kg. My last lift was 145kg and unfortunately was classed as no lift, I got it up but you have to control it on the when down. I was so high at that point and at the time I felt devastated but learned a lesson: “even if your 7 miles or 2 metres you got to want it”. Next time I will get it! I still can’t describe how it felt when people ask me but it’s like doing everything you ever done in your life and all going to that one moment and my reward for pushing myself past my limits is I am happy and proudly to say is European and Commonwealth champion. I can’t believe it still, but I know no one can’t take that away from me, but I could not have got here without my coach and Portland College introducing and giving me the opportunity can’t thank everyone enough.”

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