Cadent Volunteers Help out at the Farm

Cadent Volunteers Help out at the Farm

We would like to send a big thank you to a small team of Cadent Gas workers we had volunteering with us recently. As part of gas company Cadent’s CSR policy, they allow all employees 2 paid days away from their usual job, to support a local charity, and we were so lucky to be picked by this team!

The day saw the group supporting the Horticulture department, laying a path and replanting plants in the greenhouse. Horticulture Tutor Tracey said the group were a real help.

We look forward to welcoming teams from other businesses in the future. If you, or any friends or family members get paid volunteering days as part of your employment and would like to volunteer for Portland, click here to find out more, or get in contact with Grace on 01623 499111 ext 202 today!

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