Learners’ Sponsored Swim!

Female in a swimming pool with goggles on her facesmiling at the camera

As part of their Employment, Enterprise Community Project, Health and Well-being session 8 learners took part in a sponsored swim, whilst 4 learners ran a donation collection stall. 

The swim took place at Your Space, Mansfield, on 14th and 16th March 2022. Between them, the learners completed 150 lengths of an 18-metre pool, more than doubling the amount of 70 lengths that they had hoped to achieve.   

Female being supported by another female in a swimming pool using a noodle float

The monies raised, a total of £484.33, benefits two charities, Portland College and The Volunteers Hub, Kingsmill Hospital. The monies will be equally distributed between the two beneficiaries.   Portland College will receive a donation in the form of a financial contribution. Whereas, the Volunteer’s Hub share will be used to purchase resources, e.g. plants and flower pots. These will be used by the group to carry out their environmental project. This project is to support the creation of a sensory garden at Kings Mill Hospital, for staff and patients to enjoy

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