Jake’s Special Birthday Trip

Monday, 08th January 2018

Jake’s Special Birthday Trip

Jake, a resident of the college with cerebral palsy, is an avid fan of buses and his birthday wish was to ride the Red Arrow bus and yesterday that wish came true!

Several times a week Jake goes out on the Pronto where lots of photos are taken, which Jake loves to look through. During these journeys, he is supported by Paula Reid, Nathan Denman and Liam Ball.

Jake and the members of staff who support him have all gotten to know some of the bus drivers from the Trent Barton company and Jake has his favourites, they make Jake’s journeys really enjoyable for him. There are also members of the public who take time out to have a laugh and a joke with Jake, especially when he is ringing the bell on the bus.

During one of Jake’s many bus journeys, Jake and his support staff met Phil Collison. Phil works for Trent Barton as a team leader and Phil wanted to do something really special for Jake on his birthday. That’s when Paula Reid, one of Jake’s support staff, told Phil that Jake’s favourite bus is the Red Arrow and that Jake had always wanted to go on this bus but, unfortunately, he has never had the opportunity to do so. So, Phil stayed in touch and contacted staff at Portland College to say that he had been successful in arranging a personalised trip on one of their Red Arrow buses for Jake’s special day.

The big day came along and it wasn’t long before a gigantic red bus made its way up the college’s drive with just one message highlighted along the panels that usually show the buses’ intended destination, “Happy Birthday Jake”. Jake got aboard the bus and began his trip on what we hope was an unforgettable experience.

Thank you to Phil Collison and his team at Trent Barton for organising this for Jake. Also, special thanks must go to the members of staff who support Jake every day and who have been with him throughout this incredible journey and helping to organise it with Trent Barton!

Jake’s story was also filmed by the BBC, his segment starts 03:32 into the video which you can find here - https://www.bbc.co.uk/…/east-midlands-today-weekend-news-07…