Welcome PC Whitehouse to Portland

Welcome PC Whitehouse to Portland

We’re delighted to welcome PC Amie Whitehouse to Portland. Amie is a Schools and Early Intervention Officer with Nottinghamshire Police and will be based on campus every Thursday during term-time. 

She has already delivered a range of successful group and 1:1 sessions on campus and her role is to help educate young people about key issues such as crime prevention, cyber safety and making good decisions.

Amie supports 12 schools across Ashfield, including Portland and she is also available to help learners and citizens who need support and guidance around behavioural or emotional issues.

Amie commented, ‘I’m really excited to be working at Portland, I’ve already met lots of learners and citizens and it’s great to be able to help people through informal chats and interactive training sessions. We cover many different topics in our sessions and we also look at strategies to help people cope with different behaviours.”

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