An Exciting Arrival of Two New Donkeys to the Farm!

Two new donkeys on their first day

Let’s say a massive Portland College hello to our new donkeys! Last Friday we had a very special delivery, Mollie and Maddie were welcomed to our farm! Maddie, the smaller of the two and Mollie are 6 and 8 years old and have travelled all the way from Leek, Staffordshire to their forever home with us. Both donkeys have very calming temperaments and already look very settled. They have met Maggie through the fence after she spotted them arrive on site!

We would just like to say a huge thank you to college Governor, Dawn Green for all of her research, knowledge and time. Dawn went above and beyond to support this whole process, spending hours with Assistant Principal Angela, making sure these two were the right donkeys for the college. Dawn and her daughter even travelled to Staffordshire to collect the donkeys and bring them to us! Thank you also to Sarah Britton who has undertaken more training so she can support us even more with making the donkeys comfortable in their new home.

Angela said; ‘We are so excited for the donkeys to arrive. As you may notice they are slightly bigger then Maggie, so this is giving our learners a chance to develop their skills with working with different sized donkeys, providing more skills to transfer to any future animal care paths they may take’.

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