Glyn’s Story with Portland Pathways

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Glyn has been working with the Pathways team following a referral from Jobcentreplus to help him with his mental health and get to a place where he would be happy to go back to work. After working on himself, Glyn is now happily volunteering at Pathways’ Recovery College sessions and is also back at work!

Here he tells his story in his own words…

“My name is Glyn. I am 58 years old and suffered my second breakdown in seven years. I have since been diagnosed with very high levels of anxiety, stress and depression. My work coach at Jobcentreplus recommended Portland Pathways as a means of support and help to move forward. I tried to pluck up the courage to ring the bell 3 times and succeeded on my final attempt.

“The environment at Portland Pathways is warm and welcoming and the staff are so friendly that I immediately felt re-assured.  The atmosphere is always positive despite some circumstances being challenging. I feel that the people here really care and after an emotional initial consultation with Cheryl Levers I decided that 1-1 counselling would be a good first step for me.  After a time I moved on to group work with the Recovery College and I began to realise that I was not alone, people from all lifestyles and backgrounds were “like me”. The sessions are always respectful and although tutors guide us the group work together to understand our respective conditions, devising ways to get through the day with the goal of living a more fruitful life and hopefully returning to work.

“The programme is not a box ticking exercise like some I have attended, if you accept that you need help and are willing to participate you will be enveloped in support.  Every person I encountered was a fellow sufferer in one way or another and I really believe empathy is always better than sympathy.  Two years on and I’m back at work, I’m not able to do what I did before and I’m not cured but the Portland Pathways programme has helped me to accept that.  I now feel I have the skills needed to re-enter society and contribute, ultimately my life is better thanks to Portland Pathways.”

If you would like to start your journey, call the Pathways team on 01623 499193.

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