Day Service Gardening Group ‘Just Bin It!’

Day Service Gardening Group

A group of citizens from Portland Day Services completed litter picking recently in the High Oakham area of Mansfield. The 5 citizens are all part of the Day Service Garden Group that already does great work on the Portland campus to keep the grounds tidy and litter-free. However, the group was keen to take their hard work out into the local community and make a real difference there too.

The group are actively supporting Mansfield Rotary Clubs “Just Bin It” litter-picking campaign. After expressing an interest in getting involved with this initiative, Mansfield Rotary Club provided the group with 10 litter-picker sticks and blue council waste bags to help them with their important work.

The group caught the Pronto bus from Portland College and got off near High Oakham Primary School. They then walked down the busy Nottingham Road litter-picking and then branched off into residential streets. Whilst they were out many local residents offered words of encouragement and thanked the group members for their efforts.

In the end, the group filled 2 large waste bags with rubbish in just 2 hours, so they really did make such a difference.

The group enjoyed themselves and plan to go out once a week into different parts of Mansfield to do this. There is no stopping them now!

What a fantastic effort of everyone involved! Thanks to staff members Jane Bilton and Sarah Moore as well for coordinating the activity and supporting all the citizens on the day to get involved.

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