Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Committed to equality, diversion and inclusion for all

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Portland College is committed to enabling people with disabilities to realise their potential through the development of functional communication, independence and employability skills.

At Portland College we are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for our learners and staff.

Portland College supports equality of opportunity, promotion and celebration of diversity and inclusion (EDI). The College is committed to treating staff and learners no less favourably than others on any unlawful grounds because of age, disability, sex, gender identify, pregnancy, maternity, race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins) sexual orientation, religion or belief, or because someone is married or in a civil partnership.

Our objectives for 2017 - 2020 are:

Review, Improve, Apply.

1. Review and refine information advice and guidance processes to improve the effectiveness support and increase options for all learners & citizens transitioning out of the college.

1a) Identify, record and monitor planned and actual outcomes

1b) Review the quality of PCR’s against protected characteristics

1c) Tailor information, advice and guidance by protected characteristics

1d) Review the organisations employability and enterprise offer to widen participation for under-represented groups

1e) Offer local employers access to Positive Promotion of Skills of Disabled People activities and events to increase employment opportunities

2. Improve the efficiency of Data across all protected characteristics to monitor and understand the needs of the organisation’s community, to identify gaps and improve the equality of opportunity for all.

2a) Develop awareness and understanding of the need to capture EDI data that is required on application to improve our ability to interrogate and make use of this information to address any gaps in all aspects of our provision. This will include pay, progress and achievement, destinations, case management, selection and recruitment of workforce against all protected characteristics

2b) Develop cross cutting data analysis for multiple protected characteristics to identify where improvements can be made

2c) Identify and address trends to reduce any gaps in all aspects of our provision

2d) Explore opportunities to develop a set of benchmarking data for EDI within the Peer Review and Development group (PRD)

2e) Review, use and apply the Equality Report to identify progress and impact against recommendations given within the report in a timely manner as stated against recommendations

3. Apply the Portland Voice Framework to foster good relations with all stakeholders within the organisation community who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.

3a) Capture feedback on performance against all protected characteristics to identify elements of best practice and areas requiring development across the organisation

3b) Identify best practice around EDI, Safeguarding, British Values and SMSC in order to foster good relations between persons who share protected characteristics within the organisation and the wider community

3c) Share best practice through whole organisation staff training and development, departmental activity and team briefings, 1:1 supervisions and IPRs

3d) Measure the impact of sharing best practice through Quality Assurance activity across the whole organisation

3e) Apply the findings of the Quality Assurance activity to ensure continual progress against quality improvements for EDI, Safeguarding, British Values and SMSC