Level Employee Benefits

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Thank you for your interest in Level’s employee benefits. 

Here you will find some more details on what is available to you as a staff member at Portland. 

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On-demand Pay

This means that you can access a portion of your earned but unpaid salary anytime you need, not just on payday.  No debt. No interest. Just your hard-earned income whenever you want. During this cost of living crisis, this gives everyone more control over their money, makes budgeting easier and gets rid of the need for short-term debt.

There is a cost of £2 for every withdrawal you make. 

Here are some more Frequently Asked Questions on On-demand pay. 

Payroll Savings

This means that you can save directly from your pay before it reaches your bank account, helping you to save more and often. You will benefit from interest rates up to 3x higher than high-street banks without any hassle for you. 

Here are some more Frequently Asked Questions on Payroll Savings. 

Income base budgeting

Income-based budgeting allows you to bring your spending and income data together, unlocking powerful budgeting tools. You can link the Level app with your bank account quickly and easily to access the tools. 

The app crunches the numbers on your upcoming expenses, the date of payday and real-time bank balances to provide the exact daily amount you have left to spend to meet your financial goals. 


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