National Emergency declared – Friday 15th July 2022


Dear colleagues

MET Office issues red weather warning for Monday and Tuesday

Apologies because I definitely feel like this afternoon I am telling you stuff you already know.

The red warning from the Met Office means risk to life.

Tuesday could well be the highest ever recorded temperature in Nottinghamshire, affecting our main campus and hub sites.

Given that it will be equally hot wherever our learners/citizens are coming from, there is no real advantage in taking the huge step of closing or reducing numbers on site.

Particular facilities risks include:

  • the computer server to Birches building which is not in an air-conditioned room
  • the water main supplies – which have had numerous issues recently
  • surface of tarmac paths and roads becoming soft and sticky

Further afield power supplies and transport could be disrupted.

The following distils the advice from the UK Health Security Agency

Protective measures

Regular hydration (drink lots of water) and make sure the people you are supporting drink lots too.

If someone is feeling dizzy or nauseous then sports energy drinks can be helpful too.

Remain indoors with windows open but curtains or blinds closed to block out the sunlight.

Managers will advise you if there is any relaxation of normal uniform regulations – I have empowered them to do that if appropriate.

Our woodland area could also offer a cooler, naturally shaded environment.

The best type of clothing to combat over-heating should be light coloured, loose fitting and made from natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool).

If you are outdoors then a hat and sunscreen are strongly advised.

You should not be undertaking any strenuous activities and effort from learners, citizens or staff – so you may need to change plans for the two days.

I have asked managers to be particularly aware of individuals who might be more vulnerable to heat stroke or heat exhaustion in the high temperatures. Examples are:

  • pregnant and peri-menopausal women
  • people with breathing conditions such as asthma
  • people with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis.  

Digital Skills Survey Reminder

We are still looking for more staff to complete the digital skills survey to tell us how to shape the digital skills training offer.

Digital Skills Survey

Prom night

What a great evening we had yesterday. As always making it happen so effortlessly on the night was down to a lot of planning and hard work. A massive shout out to staff who volunteered their time last night to give our learners the best send off.

From talking with learners and their families I know how much they enjoyed it and they were truly grateful.  

I hope you can stay reasonably cool, be healthy and look forward, hopefully to the weather breaking on Wednesday.

Mark Dale
Principal & Chief Executive Officer