Portland College is constantly looking to build its network of employment partners


With employment rates continuing to rise, increasing numbers of Employers report that they struggle to recruit new staff with the skills and behaviours they are looking for.

As a result, increasing numbers of businesses are looking to develop more inclusive workforces. Portland College is strongly positioned to offer specialist support to Employers for disabled people that is not readily available elsewhere.

As employment rates rise, the living wage is introduced and there is uncertainty over the supply of workers from other European countries, it will become even more important to bring many more disabled people who want to work and are able to work into the workforce. Research shows that disabled people are generally retained longer in jobs and with the right training and support make loyal and effective employees.

Portland College is currently increasing its off campus delivery capacity and working in partnership nationally , in order to further support disabled individuals to prepare for and move in to work wherever possible.

With the focus increasingly on supporting people in to work wherever possible, and helping them to develop the skills to progress in the workplace such as through Apprenticeships and Access to Work support, Portland College is ready to play its part in up-skilling the workforce of the UK economy.

Portland College has a proven track record of developing innovative and successful delivery partnerships, and is keen to develop further partnerships where appropriate. An example of such a partnership is in the delivery of the Specialist Employability Support programme.

Portland College is delivering Specialist Employability Support through a dynamic new company: Steps to Employment Limited. This is a joint venture between three highly respected charities in the disability field: St. Loye’s Foundation, Enham Trust and Portland College. Steps to Employment Limited works with leading charity Capability Scotland, to deliver services in in Scotland.

For further information, or to discuss Funding or Partnership opportunities please contact the team on 01623 499111 or email us .

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