We are a team of specialist physiotherapy professionals who work across the college with both learners and those who are funded but not part of Portland further education to achieve shared physiotherapy goals.

We are able to offer specialist ongoing, hands on physiotherapy sessions. We are specialists in working with the individuals whether you have an ongoing neurological condition, associated learning disabilities or are just looking for a physio to help with musculo skeletal difficulties. We provide sessions in a large, specialist physiotherapy gymnasium which includes accessible and high tech solutions to help you manage your condition. We also work in one of the UK’s largest accessible hydrotherapy facilities enabling you to work with the benefit of water heated to 35c. We work with both current and ex-students at the college as well as private clients to create plans focussed around you and your goals, whether that be improvement or longer term management conditions.

Take a look at our virtual tour around the physiotherapy department and and hydrotherapy pool

In the gym:

We use state of the art equipment to help meet individual’s needs.

We can offer:

  • Exercise programmes: groups of exercise to improve strength and coordination of muscles, this can help improve balance, reduce pain, improve cardio vascular fitness.
  • Massage: massage to tight muscle groups can help reduce pain, enhance relaxation and improve circulation to an area.
  • Standing practice: helps improve bone density which can help reduce the risk of fractures. Standing helps improve circulation as well as the individuals; it can also help with urine production and bowel movements.
  • Mobility practice: walking practice helps improve and maintain independence of individuals by increasing muscle strength and improving stamina.
  • Postural management: we understand that our posture dictates what we are able to do and therefore know the importance of good posture and positioning. We have generous wide plinths and specialist postural management equipment to help our learners bodies remain aligned and pain free.
  • Wheelchair assessment: with our specialist knowledge we can help with wheelchair assessments and work with specialist wheelchair providers to ensure that everyone’s chair meets their needs.
  • Orthotics monitoring and onward referral: this enables all of the learners we work with that have monitoring of orthotics and early referrals to local orthotics clinics. We have close links with Mansfield Orthotics and Kings Mill Hospital and hold clinics at the college to enable better access for everyone.
  • Sensory sessions: As part of MDT working we support the guidelines of the OT Sensory Integration report and offer proprioception and vestibular input as part of the learners’ sensory diet in gym sessions.

In the classroom:

We really enjoy spending time with learners in the classroom helping with postural management. This can help improve learning as learners are supported in a positive way which reduces pain and promotes good posture. This helps people to be able to take in more of the world around them. Imagine being sat with a cushion under one side of you with a headache and trying to pay attention in class, this is something similar to what it can be like for some of our learners. Working in the classroom helps with educational goals as well as our shared Physiotherapy goals.

In the hydrotherapy pool:

We are lucky enough to have one of the UK’s largest hydrotherapy facilities. We use the pool to create Aquatic Physiotherapy programmes for those who are assessed to have a need for hydro. These programmes utilise the effects of water to help us achieve our goals. Being in the pool is a very enjoyable experience for everyone and allows individuals a sense of freedom that cannot be given on land. It can help with pain, muscle tone, range of movement, and social interaction to name but a few.

Across the college:

  • Twice every week, the Physio gym and hydro pool are open to allowing you to keep fit, stay healthy and active.
  • We provide a drop in service daily for any learners or staff to come and discuss any physical problems they may be experiencing.
  • We provide respiratory Physiotherapy to learners who may be experiencing breathing difficulties; this service is offered to all students where capacity allows.
  • We provide specialist training to carers, and staff at the college to help best meet and enhance the learner experience.

External physiotherapy clients

We are excited to announce that former learners and those living locally are now able to access Physiotherapy here at Portland College! You do not need to be a learner, you may have moved on from further education, be working with Portland Freedom or living locally with family or in a residential home.

You can now purchase physiotherapy time by the hour which enables those who require specialist, regular, hands-on Physiotherapy to get the help that they need.

Call us to enquire or book an assessment. The physiotherapy team are always happy to answer any questions you may have, on 01623 499111 or email us .

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our daughter this last year. We were able to relax knowing she was with people who care about her

Parent of a learner