Sport at Portland

Sport at Portland

Sport at Portland is for all learners whatever their ability.

Most sport sessions take a different format to a regular PE class and what you would expect to find in a school environment. There is more emphasis on health and safety, use of specialist equipment and the importance of coming to session dressed appropriately. Sessions take the format of a warm up, a main game followed by a cool down. The aim is to build learners’ confidence and empower them enough to enable them to take on major roles in the sessions such as leading a series of stretching exercises or officiating the main game. This makes learners think about tasks such as time keeping (use of a stopwatch), score keeping and managing a group.

Sessions for lower level learners are normally centred around Boccia, which is a fully inclusive game, designed for people with disabilities. Learners will normally follow a skills programme although teaching learners to aim an assistive device at a target and to use the right amount of power is a wonderful learning curve. Sport at Portland is sport for all and learners are fully supported from grassroots level to national squad level.

Learners have the opportunity to compete in local, regional and national events, in recent years we have had a number of athletes representing England in Boccia squads and the Table Cricket team have won the Lord Taverners National title for the past two years, all our sports teams do very well in competition.

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our daughter this last year. We were able to relax knowing she was with people who care about her

Parent of a learner