How could your support help?

See how your support can have a positive, and impact make a real difference to people’s lives

How could your support help?

Supporting disabled learners is expensive, but even modest sums of money can make a real impact on a learner’s support and prospects in life. Whilst modest sums can make a positive impact on some learners, sometimes the challenge is much greater.

Some of our High Needs students face profound challenges in everyday life that require specialist equipment and highly trained support staff. This type of equipment is very expensive, and this is where dedicated campaigns and fundraising events can prove very effective ways of raising funds.

Local businessman and Portland College supporter, Richard Fuller of County Battery has been raising money for the college by taking donations in exchange for chocolates. The majority of the donations have come from members of local business network meeting, Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 who hold their monthly breakfast meetings here in the college function suite.

The monies raised have reached a substantial amount and the learners, who have directly benefited from the donation, created this video ​to showcase where the money has been spent and also to express their thanks.

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our daughter this last year. We were able to relax knowing she was with people who care about her

Parent of a learner