Portland College Christmas Wish Appeal

Wednesday, 14th November 2018

Portland College Christmas Wish Appeal

Portland College is a registered charity that provides education and care to young adults with disabilities. We raise funds to provide the best support possible for those who really need it. This Christmas, we are saving towards a minibus that will transport people in our care to essential services such as doctor, dentist and hospital appointments.

Write your wish on the back of the Portland College minibus, that will hang from our Christmas tree with its own light. The first wishes will be lit at the Christmas Light-Up Portland event (21 November) - new wishes will continue to be lit throughout December.

A Christmas wish can be in memory of a loved one, instead of sending a Christmas card, or as a message to our cause.

Just print out the leaflet, write your message and send the leaflet to us with a donation of £10.

You can download the leaflet by clicking here.