A gift for ‘star’ youngster Charlie Boyer-White

Thursday, 29th March 2018

A gift for ‘star’ youngster Charlie Boyer-White

Following on from the Rotary Club of Mansfield’ 27th Courage Awards on 6th March 2018, staff from Portland College, who were seated at a table sponsored by Atmospheric Interiors, came together to present a special gift to Charlie Boyer-White after he was nominated with a Courage Award by his school teacher, Julie Rathbone, at All Saints Catholic Academy.

Charlie was presented with a Courage Award for his determination to succeed academically and socially while living with an ultra-rare genetic condition, fibro dysplasia ossificans progressivia, which affects about one in every two million people.

There is currently no cure and the progressive nature of the disease leaves the sufferer immobile and dependent on others. This hasn’t stopped Charlie from starting his GCSEs, sitting on the student council, the chaplaincy team and being a committed volunteer. Edward Johnstone, Vice Principle of Development, and four other staff members who attended the awards event, noticed the outstanding achievements of Charlie. Charlie was invited to visit the college with his family and school teacher, and was presented with a gift of three Star Wars Lego sets. Charlie had said how much he enjoyed both Star Wars and Lego at the awards ceremony and the gift was received with a large smile. Charlie thanked the college staff for their compassion with a gift of an extremely large box of biscuits. Charlie said he will start building with the first box of Lego as soon as he gets home.

Portland College staff were humbled at Julie Rathbone’s kind word when she said: “Thank you to everyone who has very generously bought Charlie the amazing Lego gifts. Your kindness and enthusiasm towards Charlie has been something very unique and special. The work your staff do every day to ensure your students maximise their lives is humbling and yet you find time and compassion to notice others too. Portland has always been a very important place to me; what you’ve done for Charlie confirms Portland is still an outstanding establishment.”

This is just one of the ways in which Portland College reach out in to the community. If you wish to learn more about Portland College’s most recent project and would like to help, follow our Just Giving link