Learners are introduced to Animal Care

Monday, 11th September 2017

Learners are introduced to Animal Care

Last week we met the learners that will be starting Small Animal Care here at the college.

The group met each other and were introduced to their tutor, Russell, who provided everyone with diaries and learner handbooks.

The group proceeded onto a tour of the college, which was being led by one of the learners themselves. There they learnt more about the buildings that are here at Portland and the services that will be available to them.

Throughout the next few weeks and the rest of the year the group will be looking after the animals in the farm; this will include chickens, goats and even pigs. There will also be a visit to Jerry Green Dog Rescue with the aim of learning more about the work they do. Plans for the creation of a new notice board outside the farm are being looked at as well and finally, members of the group will have the opportunity to try some work experience.